Wireless Camera Systems - Digital and Analogue Compared

Analogue Wireless

Digital Wireless

540TVL or 800TVL Sony Eiffo CCD
(TVL = number of lines image is composed of)

800TVL Sony Eiffo CCD
(TVL = number of lines image is composed of)

Range up to 100m line of sight.

Range up to 150m line of sight.

Unencrypted signal, ANY 2.4GHz base can see the signal from the camera. Each receiver base can receive the signal from up to 4 cameras.

Encrypted signal, with 80 auto pair channels, but each camera needs its own receiver base, only one camera can be viewed on each paired receiver base.

Electronics are small and are housed inside the roof of the bird box.

The electronics are larger and housed externally on the roof in a rainproof casing.

£149 540TVL and £159 800TVL

£229 800TVL

Interference can occur if other nearby equipment, such as a wireless router, is using the same channel. There are enough channels for equipment to co-exist happily but the analogue system has to be switched manually. The analogue system has 4 channels that are set via a switch on both the transmitter and receiver base. Alternatively the channel on the other equipment causing the interference can be changed, e.g. wireless routers have 13 channels that can be changed easily. Interference occurs if the camera and wireless router are set to use the same channel.

The digital transmitter and receiver have 80 channels and are locked on to each other. They will automatically and seamlessly change channels if other equipment is detected on the same channel.

Only difference between the analogue wireless 800TVL at £159 to the digital wireless at £229 is the wireless transmitter and receiver, everything else is identical.

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