1 Metre RCA Phono Cable with Video and Audio

Nature Cameras

  • £11.29


  • 1 metre patch cable to extend CCTV Camera connections
  • Add to DVRs where you require an audio output
  • Carries video and audio on one cable
  • RCA male AV connections on both ends
  • Ideal for connecting your DVR or wireless receiver to a TV

Details: 1 metre braided video and audio RCA phono cable: ideal for connecting your DVR or wireless receiver outputs to a TV or monitor. These cables are perfect to add in where you've added audio to your DVR set up and wish to listen live through the monitor. We also have adapters available for connecting this to an existing RCA phono cable to give you an extra metre, or to adapt this cable to a BNC input/output.

EAN: 5060181654435

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