Barn Owl Nest Box (Camera Ready)

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Camera Ready Bird Box only


This bird box is suitable for our wildlife camera kits or to use simply as a nesting box.


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This barn owl box is recommended by RSPB and is made to BOCN Barn Owl Conservation Network specification. Its constructed from exterior grade 12mm bonded plywood which has been treated with two coats of preservative (water based). The barn owl box will require minimal maintenance and has been designed to last for several years. This high quality hand made barn owl box has been manufactured with Hinges, brass inspection door bolts and stainless steel screws.


The barn owl box is designed to be installed 12 feet from the ground onto the face of a tree trunk, an existing pole, or a wall by one or two people. After the owl box is positioned the floor of the owl nesting box should be lined with about 5cm (2”) of small wood chippings or similar.

The owl box has a large inspection door, this will aid when cleaning.

Barn owls are likely to keep coming back year after year after choosing a nest site


This is a camera ready nest box. It does not include a camera but has appropriate fittings to house one of our bird box camera kits.   


A Frame Barn Owl Box Dimensions:

H700mm x W790mm at base

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