Swift Nesting Box (Camera Ready)

Stealth Birding

  • £69.99

Camera Ready Bird Box only


This bird box is suitable for our wildlife camera kits or to use simply as a nesting box.


All our bird boxes are available with free shipping to mainland UK. All bird boxes are delivered ready assembled direct to your door.


This is a camera ready nest box. It does not include a camera but has appropriate fittings to house one of our bird box camera kits.   


The Swift Box

Swift boxes should be placed a minimum of 4-5 metres off the ground under eaves or on a wall. The box can be put up a tree, but swifts prefer a clear unobstructed flight path. Ideally your swift box should be placed out of direct sunlight (facing North, NE or NW).

For ease of cleaning the swift box has been designed with a removable front section. The roof has a slight incline to quickly disperse water through the four drain holes in the floor.


Swift Box Dimensions 

  • Width: 180mm
  • Length: 460mm
  • Depth: 180mm
  • Entrance hole: 55 x 32mm

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