8V Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery Pack

Nature Cameras

  • £35.68


  • Rechargeable 8V lithium battery for birdbox cameras.
  • High 6800mAh battery capacity (36 hours capacity).
  • Compatible with 8V DC wildlife and birdbox cameras.
  • Power your nest box camera with no trailing wires.
  • Use lithium battery to power a hidden spy camera.


Details: Rechargeable lithium 8-volt battery perfect for bird box or spy cameras . 6800mAh Capacity provides up to 36 hours of usage depending on the model of camera . Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery can be used over and over again . Ideal for use with our wireless night vision cameras . Charger, power cable and instructions included . This rechargeable 8-volt DC Lithium-ion battery is designed to be used with an 8V wildlife camera, bird box or nest box camera. It has a massive 6800mAh capacity which means it can power your bird box camera for up to 36 hours. This is great if you have a wireless nest box camera and don't want trailing wires across your garden and through your house

EAN: 5060181653001

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