Side View Bird Box (Camera Ready)

Stealth Birding

  • £46.99

Camera Ready Bird Box only


This bird box is suitable for our wildlife camera kits or to use simply as a nesting box.


All our bird boxes are available with free shipping to mainland UK. All bird boxes are delivered ready assembled direct to your door.


This is a camera ready nest box. It does not include a camera but has appropriate fittings to house one of our bird box camera kits.   



The Nesting Box

The nesting box has been designed for the camera to be mounted at the top of the sloping side wall. This means that mess and nesting material at the bottom of the box is kept away from the camera. All the connections, including cabling and camera connections, are mounted behind an opaque plastic panel. Even though the camera is covered, the lens discreetly protrudes to catch all those important moments.


Included with the nesting box are two, optional hole reduction / protection plates of 28mm & 32mm.

This makes the nest box suitable for a range of garden birds, including:

  • House sparrows
  • Coal tits
  • Great tits
  • Marsh tits
  • Blue tits


This popular design offers you an insight into the secret lives of nesting birds



Camera Ready Nest Box dimensions:

Exterior H320 x W350 x D 170mm

Weight: 1.46kg

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