Flat Roof Bird Box With Camera System - Ultra High Resolution

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Flat Roof Bird Box With Camera System - Ultra High Resolution

This bird box comes fitted with a 700TVL CCD Sony Effio camera. The camera supplies colour images during the day and produces infrared (IR) night vision that projects black & white images throughout the night. It also includes a microphone so you can hear everything.


All our bird boxes are available to purchase with free shipping to mainland UK. All bird boxes are delivered ready assembled direct to your door.


Our Camera Bird Box features include:

  • Hand-made with (PEFC-certified) western red cedar
  • Ultra-high resolution Sony Effio 700 TVL (TV Line) CCD colour camera with light-sensing infrared illumination (making it perfect for 24hr viewing)
  • Highly sensitive microphone so you can hear everything
  • HD 1080p Lens
  • Adjustable, pre-set focus lens
  • 3-core weatherproof cable for bird box > TV (select cable length when purchasing)
  • 12-volt DC mains adaptor plug (for indoor use) / regulated 100-240v AC
  • Scart TV plug for optional TV input (RCA yellow / white)
  • 2 metal hole protector plates, 28mm & 32mm diameter—to help deter predators and other animals
  • 2-year camera warranty
  • All required fixing screws


Every camera box comes with instructions as well as tips to help maximise nesting in your bird box.


The Nesting Box

This bird box design follows guidelines suggested by the BTO and RSPB. The design offers you a top down close-up camera view of both the nesting chamber and the entrance hole. The front centre panel can be removed to allow the bird box to be used as an open fronted nest box.

The roof fits into a slot in the back panel, this prevents rain from entering the nesting box. The roof can be easily removed with two screws for access to the camera. The camera is hold with a quick release mounting bracket in the optimum position. This means you can transfer the camera between other nest boxes and birdcam feeders if required.


Included with the nesting box are two, optional hole reduction / protection plates of 28mm & 32mm.

This makes the nest box suitable for a range of garden birds, including:

  • House sparrows
  • Coal tits
  • Great tits
  • Marsh tits
  • Blue tits


This popular design offers you an insight into the secret lives of nesting birds.


 The Sony EFFIO CCD Ultra-High Resolution 700TVL (TV Line) camera:

  • The 3.6mm lens gives a 92-degree viewing angle
  • The lens comes pre-focused to the correct position, but can be adjusted to suit alternative applications
  • The camera is fitted with an intelligent Sony Effio DSP chip that operates a Super Light Sensor to adjust the image quality to suit the environment
  • The light sensor adjusts the x10 infrared night vision LEDs to a graduating on/off, gently supplementing any loss or gain of natural light levels with invisible IR.
  • Thanks to the latest technology, ultra-high-resolution colour images are produced in full light of the day, while in low light conditions black and white images are produced.


The rest of the system

The system comes with a 3-core cable (audio/video/12vDC), which comes already connected to the roof of your nest box. You will need to fit the other end of the cable inside your house. The colour of the cable plugs are yellow, white and black: the black is for mains power and connects to the (supplied)12V DC power adaptor / plug; the RCA yellow (video) and white (audio) connectors can plug into either your TV using the AV/ AUX socket or the scart adapter supplied to connect with the scart input of the TV. Our systems can also be connected directly to a DVD recorder. Once everything is connected, switch on the power then select the correct AV channel on your TV. You can now enjoy watching.






Highly Sensitive Microphone built in

Cable Length:



42 x 42mm (metal)




Sony Effio 1/3" CCD COLOUR


752 (h) x 582 (v)




x10 by Switching Sensor




92 Deg

Main DSP:




Min Illumination:

0.0 Lux (f1.4)

Nest box Dimensions:

H340 x W140 x D180mm

Nest box Internal Dimensions:

H240 x W103 x D140mm


Western Red Cedar




-20C > +50C


12v DC

Select Cable Length:

20 Meters


1/50 - 1/100






2 years






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