HD PoE Bird Box Camera with Mobile Access

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  • £87.95

Color: Green


  • Green Feathers IP bird box camera - Tiny HD IP camera for watching birds in nest boxes
  • Records video with 3 times the picture quality of competitors' cameras
  • Power-over-Ethernet draws power from the network cable
  • IMPORTANT - Does not include power supply, plugs directly into a PoE compatible switch or recorder. Don't have a PoE compatible device? Our 20m and 40m also include a power supply
  • View live or recorded video via PC, phone or tablet


Details: HD Bird Box Camera - Tiny camera can be installed in any standard size bird box, recording footage of the feathery tenants in 1080p HD quality IP Network Camera - Records digital video, then sends it down a data cable to be viewed over your network Power over Ethernet - Draws power directly from the network cable, so you only have to run one cable. Please note - This requires a PoE compatible switch or recorder. If you don't have one of these then we recommend our camera kit with a separate power supply Mobile & Tablet Access - Once configured, you can view the camera from anywhere using the free Android or iOS app Night Visiom - Invisible infrared LEDs provide clear night vision in the unlit box, without disturbing the chicks True-to-life Colour - When in daylight, the camera's IR filter allows it to record vivid, accurate colours Wide Angle Lens - 2.8mm lens captures a huge field of view, ideal for cramped boxes PC Recording - Free software allows you to not only view the camera on your PC, but set up motion detection and scheduled recording as well, with footage recorded straight to your hard drive Image Controls - Fine tune the image using dynamic range and noise reduction settings. Our exclusive Green Feathers range of dedicated bird box cameras is the culmination of a decade of experience providing specialist equipment for watching wildlife. This IP bird box camera can be installed in any standard sized nest box, letting check in on hatching eggs & feeding chicks in HD quality from anywhere, using a PC, phone or tablet.The camera captures digital footage in 1080p resolution, recording significantly more detail than older analogue models. We've fitted it with a 2.8mm wide angle lens - ensuring it can see all of even the most cramped boxes - and invisible IR LEDs that provide clear night vision without disturbing the birds. The camera also has a tiny microphone to record audio.

EAN: 5060423071716

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