Wireless Bird Box Camera With 10m Extension Cable

Nature Cameras

  • £49.99

Color: Green with 10m Extension Cable


  • Tiny Camera for Bird Boxes - This Green Feathers camera is designed to sit inside a bird nesting box, letting you watch incredible close up images as chicks hatch and grow
  • Wide Angle for maximum view - 110 degree field of view is much wider than similar cameras on the market, and let you see the entire nest
  • Detailed 700TV Line images transmitted from the camera to your TV, using the included wireless receiver
  • 6 night vision LEDs allow camera to record clear video in completely unlit boxes. Uses Invisible IR light so there is no red glow to distract the birds.
  • Includes 10m power extension cable to provide an easy way of running mains power out to the camera's location in your garden


Details: This tiny camera is a brand new range of dedicated wildlife observation cameras. Each kit has been designed from the ground up to make watching nature in your garden as simple as possible. Wireless Video Transmission - Wireless camera captures video inside your bird box, then transmits it directly to the included receiver in your home, all you need to plug the camera into is a power supply. Capable of transmitting up to 50m in direct line of sight, though obstructions will reduce this. IR Night Vision - Camera features invisible IR LEDs, providing clear night vision inside dark nest boxes without any red glow that could annoy the bird. Wide-angle Lens - Designed for use in enclosed spaces, the camera features a 2.8mm lens. This gives a huge field-of-view and helps ensure you get the entire box in the frame . 700TVL Resolution - Captures significantly more detail than most other bird box cameras on the market. Channel Change Switch - Tiny switch on the back of the camera lets you manually change wireless channels, providing a simple way to fix interference issues. Built-In Microphone - Allows audio recording from inside your nest box . Easy Connectivity - To view live footage simply connect the receiver to a TV or Monitor using the included cable . Adjustable focus for perfect viewing in any size bird box . Also includes a 10m power extension cable to easily run from the bird box to a power supply inside your house

EAN: 5060423072775

Package Dimensions: 5.9 x 5.9 x 3.9 inches

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