Wired Bird Box Camera with Sony Chip & Night Vision (Camera only)

Nature Cameras

  • £52.25


  • 700TV Lines Resolution and colour CCD sensor provide excellent quality video, with true-to-life colour in daylight
  • High Quality compact camera perfect for Bird Box recording, with BNC output allowing you to connect it to CCTV recorders
  • Camera features Sony EFFIO sensor for clean, crisp video
  • 10 LEDs provide IR Night Vision
  • Wide Angle lens perfect for recording in cramped spaces


Details: Ideal Nest Box Camera . Camera measures just 5x5x3 cm making it perfect for almost all bird boxes . . 700 TV Line Resolution . . Sony Effio Imaging System . Sony imaging chip and processor to help ensure a clean picture free from noise and grain . . Night Vision . 10 Infra-Red LEDs allow the camera to record in complete darkness. Essential for use inside your bird box . . Built in Microphone . Allows recording of audio from inside your nest box . . Wide Angle Lens . 2.8mm lens captures everything within 120 degrees ideal for recording inside a cramped nest . . Metal Casing . High-grade build quality ensures the camera won't be damage by any inquisitive beaks . . Removable Lens . Need a closer view? This camera is compatible with many of our CCTV lenses check the menu at the top for more options . . Easy Set up . Camera can easily connect straight to a TV or Monitor using an RCA adapter or plug directly into a Digital video Recorder . . Security Applications . Tiny camera is also suited to covert surveillance great for securely monitoring your office, home, or even as a nanny cam

EAN: 5060181656309

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