Side View - Wireless Bird Box Camera System - Ultra High Resolution

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Side View - Wireless Bird Box Camera System – Ultra-High Resolution


This bird box comes fitted with a 700TVL CCD Sony Effio camera that offers a side-on view of the nesting chamber and entrance hole. The camera supplies colour images during the day and comes fitted with a microphone so you can hear everything. It also provides infrared (IR) night vision that projects black & white images throughout the night. The Digital Wireless receiver / transmitter used in this kit has a range of 120 meters (line of sight) with the standard aerials.


All our bird boxes are available to purchase with free shipping to mainland UK. All bird boxes are delivered ready assembled direct to your door.


Our Camera Bird Box features include:

  • Hand-made with (PEFC-certified) western red cedar
  • Ultra-high resolution Sony Effio 700 TVL (TV Line) CCD colour camera with light-sensing infrared illumination (making it perfect for 24hr viewing)
  • Highly sensitive microphone so you can hear everything
  • Adjustable, pre-set focus lens
  • Digital Wireless pair TX / RX (waterproof)
  • 2 x 12-volt DC mains adaptor plugs (for indoor use) / regulated 100-240v AC
  • Scart TV plug for optional TV input (RCA yellow / white)
  • 2 metal hole protector plates, 28mm & 32mm diameterto help deter predators and other animals
  • 2 year warranty: Camera + TX/RX
  • All required fixing screws


Every camera box comes with instructions as well as tips to help maximise nesting in your bird box.


The Nesting Box

The nesting box has been designed with the camera mounted at the top of the sloping side wall. This means that mess and nesting material at the bottom of the box is kept away from the camera. All the connections, including cabling and camera connections, are mounted behind an opaque plastic panel. Even though the camera is covered, the lens discreetly protrudes to catch all those important moments.


Included with the nesting box are two, optional hole reduction / protection plates of 28mm & 32mm.

This makes the nest box suitable for a range of garden birds, including:

  • House sparrows
  • Coal tits
  • Great tits
  • Marsh tits
  • Blue tits


This popular design offers you an insight into the secret lives of nesting birds.


The Sony EFFIO CCD Ultra-High Resolution 700TVL (TV Line) camera:

  • The 3.6mm lens gives a 92-degree viewing angle
  • The lens comes pre-focused to the correct position, but can be adjusted to suit alternative applications
  • The camera is fitted with an intelligent Sony Effio DSP chip that operates a Super Light Sensor to adjust the image quality to suit the environment
  • The light sensor adjusts the x10 infrared night vision LEDs to a graduating on/off, gently supplementing any loss or gain of natural light levels with invisible IR.
  • Thanks to the latest technology, ultra-high-resolution colour images are produced in full light of the day, while in low light conditions black and white images are produced.


The Wireless Digital System

The wireless receiver and transmitter used in this kit is the latest technology, the signal which is produced is digitally encrypted, this means it’s much more powerful than cheaper analogue systems. The problem with the signal of analogue systems is they are prone to interference. The advantage of using a digitally encrypted signal is you will receive 100% interference free video and audio quality. The signal means these devices will automatically pair and channel hop if they detect a signal being used by another device such as broadband etc. The wireless digital system included can transmit for a range of 120 meters.


The receiver and transmitter kit are also entirely weatherproof. The unit is provided with 1.5m of cable which has Video, (RCA) Audio and 12v DC inputs. The transmitter also comes with 10m of mains cable making it ideal for indoor and outdoor camera applications where the camera can be up to 30ft away from the mains


Inside: The receiver will connect straight to your TV via yellow and white A/V inputs. You can also use spare Scart input (adaptor included) to connect to your TV. Also included is a 240v 12V DC plug for connection at the mains.


Outside: The transmitter requires 12v DC power, so for a wireless kit to operate a 10 meter DC cable is supplied for connection to a mains point outdoors, the ideal place for the transmitter to be located is inside a garage or shed. This means the distance from the outdoor mains to the actual camera can be up to 10 meters. We can supply extensions if you need them. The 10m cable terminates at the transmitter with two (splitter) 12v outputs, one for the transmitter and one for the camera, this means you won’t need a separate mains supply for the camera. There is an Audio (white) and RCA Video (yellow) cable which connect to the camera for signal transmission.





Antenna /Aerial:

3dB omni directional (standard)

Area required for fixing:

H325 x W360


Highly Sensitive Microphone built in

Auto Transmission Pairing:



42 x 42mm (metal)




Sony Effio 1/3" CCD COLOUR

Digital Transmission Frequency:

2.4000 > 2.4835 GHz (Auto hoping)


752 (h) x 582 (v)




x10 by Switching Sensor




92 Deg

Main DSP:


Max Current Draw:

200mA (RX) (TX + Camera) 350mA

Maximum No of TX RX per site:

x 4 pairs

Maximum Transmission Distance:

120 Meters (line of sight) +Options available

Min Illumination:

0.0 Lux (f1.4)

Nest box Dimensions:

H320 x D170mm x W190


Western Red Cedar


-20C > +50C


12v DC

Outdoor 12vDC Cable > Mains:

10 Meters (33ft)


1/50 - 1/100



TX/RX dimensions:

W 160 X H 125 X D 40mm (without aerial)

TX/RX Video Resolution:

720 x 480. 30fps




2 years






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